Mazatlan security official deny any arrest have been made on recent tourist beach shooting


Only one person participated who shot the person, to flee the place, apparently running through the sand area; there was a person wounded by a bullet: Simón Malpica.

He confirmed that a person who shared with the murdered person was shot in the foot, for which he was taken to receive medical attention at a private clinic.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The person in charge of the office of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Simón Malpica Hernández, rejected that there are detainees for the crime of a person in a palapa on Avenida del Mar.

He said that upon receiving the call about the events, the tourist police immediately came and cordoned off the area so that the Investigative Police could attend to the incident.

“ We quickly implemented an operation to find those responsible and security will continue to be provided with checkpoints so that citizens are in good order with cars and with the support of the three levels of government, although that issue (murder) would be up to the Prosecutor’s Office” , explained the police chief.

Inspector Malpica Hernández denied that there had been two detainees as it emerged on Sunday afternoon and that only one person participated, who apparently fled running through the sand area.

“ Indeed, it is the same one that was accompanying the deceased person, it was a deflection of the bullet and hit him on his foot, he was immediately transferred to the Clínica del Mar, where he was given medical attention,” Malpica Hernández explained.

Questioned about how the alleged aggressor fled, he said that this person ran through the sand of the beach, but that the direction is unknown since the witnesses did not want to give more information.

He clarified that it will be up to the competent authority to review the security cameras so as not to hinder the work of the Prosecutor’s Office itself.

The person in charge of the Office of the Secretary of Public Security reported that, as indicated by Mayor Benítez Torres, security will be reinforced in the entire area of ​​the boardwalk with the tourist police.

Highlights operations against irregular motorcycles

The police chief stressed that this weekend they carried out operations against motorcyclists, where 30 motorcycles were detained in Santa Fe alone for lack of license plates, one of them had a report of theft; in Madero there were 10 motorcycles due to lack of plates and in Pradera Dorada, 14 motorcycles were stopped due to lack of plates.


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