VIDEO: Tragic accident! Two dead and over 40 injured after tourist passenger bus collides with trailer in Sinaloa


A passenger bus and a trailer were involved in the clash on the International Highway Mexico 15 before reaching the Rosario toll booth

The accident was recorded on the Mazatlán-Tepic highway, at kilometer 90, before reaching the booth of the municipality of Rosario, in the south of the state, in a tragic event. 

After the report, paramedics from the Red Cross, elements of Civil ProtectionFirefightersMunicipal Police and National Guard agents immediately arrived at the site to provide first aid and transfer the 44 injured to receive medical attention at a hospital, which is indicated there are at least 10 seriousness.

At the moment the reason or cause of the accident is unknown, but the images show how the two units were totally destroyed from the front; Children and adults travel on the bus from Michoacán, but so far their identities have not been released.

The different aid and rescue bodies are working on the site, waiting for the expert investigators of the State Attorney General’s Office – FGJE -; the urgency is to rescue the injured and identify them.

This is the list of those injured in the crash between a tourist bus and a trailer, in Rosario

 The list of the names of the people who were injured this Saturday morning in a head-on collision between a trailer and a tourist bus on the Tepic-Mazatlán highway was released to Línea Directa, at the height of kilometer 190, before reaching the toll booth of El Rosario, Sinaloa.

The accident left two people dead (the bus and trailer drivers), as well as dozens of injured people who were rushed to receive medical care at hospitals in Rosario, Escuinapa and Mazatlán.

List of injured people who were on board the bus Transportes Álvarez Pajaritos SA de CV, from Michoacán, is: 

*Elizabeth Ortiz Aguirre 
*María Lourdes Sastre Benítez 
*Elizabeth Valdivia Sastre
*César Osvaldo Díaz Valdez 
*Saraida Palmar Aguilar
*Ximena Valdivia palmar
*Axel Valdivia palmar
*Álvaro Covarrubias Martínez
*Monserrat Guadalupe Castro Valdez
*Marcos Adrián Jiménez Cruz
*San Juana Palmar Aguilar
* Carmen Fabiola Valdivia Sastre
*Daniela Briceño Maldonado
*Nidia Guadalupe Díaz Valdez
*Juana Castañeda Reyes
*Adriana Sarahí Ayala Castañeda
*Rosa Pérez García, 69 years old (right arm fracture)
*Ulises Manuel Sandoval Alvarado (femur fracture)
*Mónica Alejandra Esquivel Soto, 30 years old (craniocephalic trauma, plus femur fracture)
*Sandra Arellano Jiménez, 55 years old
*María Isabel Arellano Jiménez, 51 years old (cervical sprain)
*Luis Arellano Jiménez, 45 years old (sprained ankle)
*Monserrat Guadalupe Castro Valdez (polyconfused)
*Manuel Araiza Rosales (polyconfused)
*Juan Esther R. (polyconfused)
*Cassandra Guadalupe Araiza (polyconfused)
*Amalia Araiza Rodríguez (polyconfused) *Andrea Araiza Covarrubia (polyconfused) *Magali Araiza Covarrubia (polyconfused)
 *Álvaro Covarrubias Martínez (polyconfused)
*Amalia Citlali Torres Covarrubias (polyconfused)
*Lupita Rosales Araiza (polyconfused)
*Luz María Valdez Sandoval (polyconfused)
*Luis Arellano Jiménez (polyconfused)
*Jazmín Alejandra Valdez Aguilar (polyconfused)
*Priscila Valdez González (polyconfused)

Specify that, according to the information that Línea Directa had access to, many of the injured were transferred to receive medical care at the General Hospital of Mazatlán, the IMSS and the Issste, and others, remained being treated at the Comprehensive Hospital of Rosario.

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