Mazatlán’s “Inclusive” park neglected and closed to the public, looks unsuitable for people with disabilities


After the management carried out by the Municipal DIF System where it rescued a public space of 400 square meters in which 413 thousand pesos were invested for the realization of this inclusive part in Mazatlan, apparently after its opening it was forgotten.

And it is that the deterioration of the place is evident, the strangest thing about this situation is that it did not last in operation for a long time, that is why the poor conditions in which it is found can be seen because it did not have the necessary maintenance, in addition the place has been temporarily closed for a long time and is protected with a padlock.

The salt and the abandonment of the equipment make it more useless every day and the half-million pesos that were invested go to waste.

The difficulty of this situation is that no person with these conditions can use it.


The Mazatlan Post