The fate of Mazatlan’s police chief could already be cast


It will be next Friday that the Internal Control Body issues the opinion of the result of the investigation that is followed by the Police Chief, for the sale of promotions and degrees that he granted

González Zatarain indicated that apparently the mayor already has some proposals for the possible replacement of Alfaro Gaxiola since the investigation process has given him time to calmly look for a good proposal.

The Secretary of the City Council, Edgar González Zatarain, reported that next Friday the Internal Control Body will issue the opinion on the investigation that follows Commander Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola. 

He rejected that the police chief has sent any request for a license, nor has he sent it to Mayor Benítez Torres, nor in any instance.

The Investigation

For the time being, the City Council Secretary reiterated that the Internal Control Body will announce next Friday the outcome of the investigation against Alfaro Gaxiola, especially for the alleged sale of grades or promotions, for which the mayor is waiting for the same.

He added that it will depend a lot on how the investigation turns out to analyze whether Alfaro Gaxiola’s retirement is brought forward, since if the complaint harms him, it will be analyzed whether he will be allowed to retire.

And if the change occurs, it will be up to the new Secretary of Security to determine if he continues to work with his current Police and Traffic directors, and he will decide with whom to team up.

And as for the degrees that the police chief has already delivered without submitting them to the Professionalization Committee, which Alfaro Gaxiola heads, he said that what is legal is that those degrees that he delivered be withdrawn and the procedure be reinstated in the Committee that is in session, since before did.

He added that if this is done, the rights of other police officers who have the right to the promotion will not be affected, and regarding the validity of the ranks awarded, he indicated that they are legal because they are already being paid that way, so they would have to make a procedure to withdraw them and they do not become a demand and a Court makes them replace them.

And regarding the case that the Secretary of Public Security is not attending official events, González Zatarain rejected that he has an order that he no longer does so.


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