Again! They fill Mazatlán’s Laguna del Camarón


The works being carried out are part of the project for the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium; the direction of Ecology indicates that the legal procedure is not its competence, but Profepa’s

Mazatlan Sinaloa-. A few days ago, a video circulated on social networks showing a work being carried out in the Laguna del Camarón, located behind the current Aquarium; The images show maneuvers to introduce pipes, for which a new fill had to be made in the body of water, which, by the way, had already gained a good space when Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue was built.

The director of the aquatic enclosure, Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, assured that the works correspond to a support point for the water intake of the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium, and that it was a matter that was already in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources ( Semarnat ).

“It is a point of support for the water intake of the new Aquarium, but that is an issue that is in Semarnat, that is simply disclosed, because we were not aware of it, but talks are already underway with the authorities, that is already topic of the new Aquarium and they are the ones who can best clarify the topic,” he said.

Apparently, these works began at the end of February, since the Department of Ecology and the Environment, in a publication made on April 12, when the electoral ban passed, indicated that they went on February 26 to attend to a report requested by the Mazatlan Aquarium.

Pipes are introduced for the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium. 

“With the objective of corroborating if the legal procedure is being carried out in all terms to proceed with the construction of a breakwater on Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue, in the Flamingos subdivision. Where the filling activity in the Laguna del Camarón can be seen, in that place the evidence was taken and the different instances involved were informed to respond as soon as possible to this activity that is being carried out “ , reads the publication.

The director of Ecology, Miriam Isaraí Rodríguez Paniagua, when questioned regarding the publication and the confusion that these works generated in Internet users, since there is no clarity in what is being done, indicated that she was not the competent authority to speak on the subject. , so he turned it over to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa).

“We were present, we are not the entity or the competent authority, we just drew up a circumstantial record, we turned it over to Profepa and there, those in charge of the area, which would be national waters, Profepa would have it, so that’s where we got to, We were also reporting to Planning, Public Works, because it was a municipal space, because they also took a sidewalk space,” he said.

Contrary to what the publication of the direction that she presides over indicates, she mentioned that it is not a breakwater as such, but rather a temporary fill, but that she had no further knowledge of the project.

“What they informed us is that it is part of the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium project, which is going to be temporary, it is not a breakwater as such, they are inserting a type of pipe for discharge, but I would not dare to give details because I am not very steeped in the information as I am not the competent authority,” she concluded.


With the beginning of the construction of the Central Park, in 2019, and despite the accusation of ecologists and environmentalists who described the act as ecocide, the Laguna del Camarón began to be filled in regardless of the fact that it was the habitat of turtles, raccoons, ducks and mangrove, among other species, with which 95% of the birds that arrived each year from the United States and Canada were lost.

According to data from the Mazatlán Ecological Center (Cemaz), for 10 years and until 2019, an average of a maximum of 60,000 birds and a minimum of 11,000 per year were recorded in that area.

Currently, not even 200 species are seen in the body of water, many barely arrive in the course of 12 months and most are birds native to the state.


Since February, maneuvers have been carried out in the Laguna del Camarón to introduce pipes as part of the project for the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium, which will open its doors to the public in September.

Of the little that is known regarding the works, the new filling that the body of water is suffering stands out, and while the current Aquarium indicates that it is a support point for the water intake, the Ecology department affirms that it is a breakwater temporary and that is to introduce discharge pipe.

Both the paramunicipal and the dependency say that the issue has been turned over to the competent authorities.