Mazatlan police chief testimony against accusations of corruption


Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola already went to testify to the Internal Control Body in the investigation that is being carried out before an alleged sale of police promotions.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Internal Control Body has well-founded the process followed by the Secretary of Public Security of Mazatlán, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, not only for the alleged contempt of a court order in an eviction, but also for the possible sale of ranks or police promotions.

The head of the Internal Control Body, Rafael Padilla Díaz, confirmed that the police chief has already gone to testify, but he omitted to give more information because they are in the process of an investigation and he is prevented from giving information about the case.

However, he made clear the investigation that is being carried out on the commander regarding the alleged granting of ranks and promotions.

“ I think that here it is very important to clarify something, there is a professionalization regulation, then, the positions or degrees should be accredited by that commission, that is the one in charge of convening and seeing who won the degrees, something that was not done. This commission is chaired by the Secretary of Public Security, and the mayor does not participate, only the secretary with personnel from different dependencies of the Ministry of Public Security, ”he explained.

He indicated that the fact of not having convened that Commission may be the fault that was committed, since that Professionalization Regulation includes a procedure to give degrees, to remove degrees, for the permanence of officers, then, everything that is not done according to that regulation, it is an illegal action.

Questioned about whether the promotions that he could have authorized are illegal, the head of the Internal Control Body replied that this is public information, which is the Professionalization regulation.

And about whether a relative of the police chief has the right to have won a promotion, he indicated that if he answers that, he is already giving an official position that he cannot issue.

“ What I can tell you is that there is a regulation, there is a regulation ”, he reiterated.

Padilla Díaz avoided saying whether the Secretary of Public Security fell into contempt of court, by supposedly avoiding intervening in an eviction in the invasion of Hacienda del Valle, since they are in the process of investigation.

” The important thing here is the people, they have their right to a hearing, their right to a defense, that they assert everything that we are accepting in the legal sphere, ” he said.

Police arrived with evidence

Padilla Díaz confirmed that there is an investigation that there were reports of police officers who paid between 50,000 and 80,000 pesos for a degree or promotion within the corporation, but since it is in the process of investigation, he stressed that they are proving time, manner and place, since they are very personal situations and very difficult to verify, since the saying of one against the other, there are many circumstances, so the elements will be made to verify if there is an infraction or if there is an act of corruption.

If it is found that Alfaro Gaxiola did not convene the Professionalization Committee and still granted degrees or promotions, they will have to wait to find out the sanction to which he would be entitled.

“ What I can tell you is that there is a norm, that norm tells us who is part of that committee, the faculties, the attributions of that committee, check it out so they can see it ”, indicated the municipal official.

He added that this process against the police chief could take up to three months, but he hoped that it would be resolved sooner.

He denied that the fact that he is currently the Secretary of Public Security could influence a positive resolution or in his favor, “there are no influences here.”

The case

Police denounced that they paid from 50 to 80 thousand pesos for a degree or promotion within the Ministry of Public Security.