Everything is ready to start with the remodeling of Mazatlan’s Emilio Barragán Ave


The investment in the work will be 54 million pesos and will consist of two stages

MAZATLAN.- There is no date that does not arrive or deadline that is not met, Emilio Barragán Avenue is ready to be remodeled. The director of Public Works, Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, reported that construction work will begin between May 17 and 20.  

The investment will be 54 million pesos, resources with which sidewalks, ridges and hydraulic pavement of 20 centimeters will be built. The avenue will be a tourist type, since at the same time work will be done on the Plaza de la Banda, which will be located in what is now the sewage treatment plant, and these renovations will reach the lighthouse to create a new tourist circuit.  

The work includes two stages: the first includes from the gas station to the Integral Port Administration of Mazatlan (API), and the second, until reaching the lighthouse.  

Is it a job as long as the Gabriel Leyva? Fortunately no, it is expected to be ready in 6 months. The municipal official indicated that it is a less complicated and different job because it will only be the replacement of 4 pipes, compared to the Gabriel Leyva where all were replaced.  

For his part, Osbaldo López Ángulo, general manager of Jumapam, commented that the first tasks to be carried out are the introduction of water and drainage networks. He explained that at the moment contracts are being prepared with the company that won the tender. 

“What corresponds to us right now is the change of facilities, we are going to bring everything that is drinking water and sanitary drainage that will be replaced in its entirety, we are going to expand the diameter of the pipes and new ones will be installed.”  

He commented that they will coordinate with the API to see the logistics of cargo handling so as not to hinder the movement that is generated there.  

Source: punto.mx

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