From Sonora to Cirque du Soleil and its passage through the Delphi of Mazatlán: this is the life of María Gallo


For her, Mazatlan is a cradle of talent and its Municipal Center for the Arts echoes not only in Mexico but in the world.

MAZATLAN. – Adria Rodríguez, better known as María Gallo in the world of entertainment, is originally from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora and her talent in dance has led her to be part of the few Mexicans in the Cirque du Soleil team in Playa del Carmen, Cancun.

She began her career in 2004 when he grabbed his bags and left his homeland to live in Mazatlan to settle in the Municipal Center for the Arts, CMA, to study for a degree in Contemporary Dance, in 2008 she graduated and there she took flight.

She has traveled, gaining experience in France, Cuba, and Spain; In the country, she has worked in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, a little in Mazatlan and her last place, Playa del Carmen, it was there when she was called to audition at Cirque du Soleil.

“I had no expectations because I didn’t prepare anything and after a week they called me to introduce myself and offered me the job. I started as a dance captain and choreographer because they saw my profile, I am a teacher and they were very interested in that part, ”she declared.

Thus, after 8 years, she has gone from the technical to the artistic team, being one of the few, not only Latin Americans on the team but Mexicans, perhaps, those who can be counted on one hand and the first to have a leading role in the famous show with her role as Joya in Cirque du Soleil.

Always with her feet on the ground and never forgetting where she comes from, it is one of the phrases that she has most sought to consider day after day, which she has tried to teach the new generations, who see in her a support and an example that dreams do come true.  

“I did not realize what was being done, but when you are working, you are aware of everything you have to do that you forget and until you turn around you realize, that happened to me in the transition from choreographer and What I am looking for is that, to try to echo and leave a mark with what I do”, she commented.

Mazatlan, a hotbed of talent

She does not forget, now that she was in Mazatlan, she did not hesitate to visit her teachers, her school, the ones that opened the doors to her to be who she is, the ones that makes her turn back just to remember and look forward to reinforcing because it is where it is.

She points out that Mazatlan is a hotbed of talent and that the Delfos company and the Mazatlan Municipal Arts Center echo around the world.  

“Without that base I could not be doing anything, I have respect for the municipal center, I am from Sonora but here they always opened doors for me, here it is an important hotbed at the national level that I think should be given more importance,” she added.  

Currently, she continues in Cirque du Soleil, but she is also looking for social work and is the director of the Riviera Maya Dance Month Festival, which already has 6 editions and has taken dance to every corner of that area.  


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