Preparations for Las Cabras Festival in Escuinapa adjusted


The candidates for queen are already looking for the beach king, although all that remains is to wait for the proposal of the brewing company, the proposal of the musical cast

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Step by step the ramadas take shape, in addition to the adequate spaces for parking of what will be “Las Fiestas del Mar de las Cabras”, which to date exceed 70 percent of its construction so that in This maximum meeting will be held in May, after two years of suspension, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, assured Blanca Esthela García Sánchez.

The mayor of Escuinapa indicated that they also adjust the security operations so that everything is kept in order during the days that this party will last, where they will add to the elements of the first aid and order corporations, in addition to trusting by then the numbers of infections will remain controlled in Sinaloa.

“We are already at 60, 70 percent progress in construction, because it is not nothing to put the palm on it, it is to have electricity service, what are the bathrooms and then comply with our sanitary standards, hopefully there will not be a wave of infections so that the parties take place, the use of the face mask, the gel, because we are in an open space, it is in the air, we are on the beach, waiting for everything to continue ”.

García Sánchez said that the space for parking vehicles is being rehabilitated, in addition to the fact that they are waiting for the brewing company to inform them about the proposal of the artistic cast that will entertain the maximum Escuinapense party.

He pointed out that they already have the candidates for the Queen of Las Fiesta del Mar de Las Cabras, and of the beach king himself, just as they adjust the operational actions of road surveillance from Escuinapa to Las Cabras as well as to Escuinapa, to avoid accidents.


The Mazatlan Post