Mazatlan Aquarium received more than 60 thousand tourists during Holy Week


The director Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, said that this would be a record for the paramunicipal, and added that they are still calculating the economic spill that was generated on vacations.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The recently completed Easter holiday period was a bonanza for the tourism sector, in which Acuario Mazatlán was one of the main beneficiaries it had the visit of around 60,000 visitors during the two weeks, explained Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, director of the animal sanctuary.

In this period of time, there would also have been a spill higher than that of 2019, before the pandemic, also influenced by the fact that at that time the entry costs were lower than those currently handled, also exceeding the figures of the same period, but from the year 2021. 

“We still lack the final numbers, but if I can tell you that it has been a record vacation period in the entire history of Acuario Mazatlán, we have had a large number of visitors, fortunately the expectation was exceeded, no, we are talking about around sixty one thousand”.

Rojas Zepeda commented that they are still making the cash cut of the income obtained by the high influx of passersby to this tourist spot, considered one of the most important aquariums in Mexico, which has the largest penguinarium in Latin America, inaugurated over a year ago. 

This Monday, Mazatlan Aquarium continued with the visit of tourists who are still “unbalanced” through Mazatlan lands, to live the experience of living closely with animals such as sea lions, macaws, foxes, manta rays, sharks and even penguins, in addition to jellyfish. and fish of different characteristics.


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