Thousands of tourists passed through Mazatlan’s Pino Suárez market for their souvenirs


MAZATLÁN.- If you are a tourist and you are reading this and you did not visit the “José María Pino Suárez” municipal market, they say that it seems that you were not here, because this historical icon is one of the most visited sites, at least, that is how the locals express it. same tenants.

And it was precisely during this holiday period that its sales exceeded expectations, both during Holy Week and Easter, with souvenirs and the gastronomic area being among the most sought after by not only national but also international tourism.

Alejandro Ontiveros, secretary of the board of directors of the well-known “steel giant”, mentioned that sales could have been generated up to 100 percent, managing to raise the income of the families that make up the market.

“Souvenirs above all, reported 100 percent in their sales, in the sale of beachwear, souvenirs, the colleagues who are dedicated to supplies also report very good sales, we have a wide range that likes tourism and it was seen reflected these holidays”, he declared.

Also, the locals, he said, increased their purchases due to the vacations that many had, adding to the American and Canadian residents who are frequent customers during the months that they live in Mazatlan.

“There were people who waited up to half an hour to sit down to eat in one of the restaurants that we have, that shows that Mazatlan did very well, not only the market and being a must-visit site helps them with their income” , commented.

The next season for which they prepare is Mother’s Day, where the Mazatlecos “throw the house out the window” to prepare their best and favorite dishes for the queens of the home, because from then on the next vacation period would be until summer.


The Mazatlan Post