Mazatlan’s Isla de los Chivos, a beach without waves ideal for those who do not know how to swim


The activity of the island has stood out significantly, between palapas, restaurants and other activities, making it fashionable among locals and tourists.

MAZATLAN.- If you are one of those who do not know how to swim but love to go to the sea, go to Isla de los Chivos, a small place where you can dive without worries on its beach without waves.

It is enough to cross in a boat, just as you do to go to the Isla de la Piedra in any of its three piers and when you go down, choose your path to the right, when you come across, you will have arrived at the place.

The ticket is 35.00 pesos round trip, you have several options, take your prepared food, cook it there or go to one of the restaurants that are already established and enjoy their services, there are people who take to their grill to put meat or some grilled fish fillets.

For Ana López, the island has become her favorite place, why? Because it is a safe place for her children.

“Now that it’s hot I try to bring them here, because there are no waves, because it looks like a pool and I can keep an eye on them without the danger of being washed away by a wave,” he said.

You can also camp, many take advantage of the area to install their tents just above the beach, where the tide does not reach the beach area, others go fishing on the breakwaters, thus managing to take a couple of Lisas Macho to be able to shake.

If you want to tour the place, do it without problems, there are people who climb the hill and take advantage of the panoramic view from the top and others, walk behind it, between the rocks and take the best pictures with the Stone Island in the background. .

There are kayaks, banana boats, and endless life jackets of all shapes and sizes, either for sale or for rent, from unicorns, flamingos, ducks, and the traditional round, there are also life jackets and comfortable clothes for the beach.

Oyster and raspado stands, hammocks, and umbrellas for rent if comfort is your thing while you lull yourself to the sounds of the sea.


The Mazatlan Post