Thousands of people enjoy Mazatlan’s 2022 International Motorcycle Week parade


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. To the sound of music, entire families stationed on the Malecón enjoy the adrenaline with which motorcyclists move along the coastal promenade.

The first to open the contingent was Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who was accompanied by several officials, who were in their respective sports vehicles.

Adrenaline surged in thousands of souls, riders mounted on their steel horses, many accompanied by their ladies, stormed the Mazatlán coastal promenade, within the framework of the 2022 International Motorcycle Week. A party that extended over several kilometers, where they did their acrobatics and showed their skills as tamers of these engines.

The boardwalk served as a catwalk and exhibition to close the 2022 International Motorcycle Week with a flourish.

At 4:00 p.m., the Harley Davison, Honda RZR, Ninja, Suzuki, BMW, and the inevitable Italikas roared their engines in the classic parade, where hundreds of people, including tourists and locals, enjoyed the motorcycle show.

The Villaseñor Cataño family was there punctually as every year, after two years of absence, which due to the COVID19 pandemic, prevented them from living and enjoying the show that an event of this magnitude gives away every Easter week, on a section of the boardwalk, with tent, benches and their ceviche de sierra that cannot be missed, without leaving a few drinks, because of the heat, Karina says that she is glad and happy to enjoy this event.

“Very cool, very nice, I really liked the stunts, everything that the motorcyclists have done and then everything has been in order, everything is very organized, every year we are here, we spent two years locked up. With all our family here we are with the whole family enjoying in a big way”.

As well as the Villaseñor Cataño, originally from Tepic, Nayarit, based in the port, but with visits on this occasion, from their families from that neighboring state, they did not hesitate to come again to see the motorcyclists ride along the Avenida del Mar so that they also knew this experience.

The first caravan that undertook the route, headed by the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, left the Shield of Olas Altas to travel the entire boardwalk on the lane that goes from south to north until reaching Valentino’s, later, returning in the opposite direction on the other lane.

Entire families, with their children, many of them in their arms, took a space on the coastal road to see how the motorcycle caravans carried out this parade, after two years of having been suspended this great event, as a result of the pandemic.

Motorcyclists with masks alluding to a cartoon character, or allusion to a time or even pets is how many of them in their two-wheeled units did their stunt shows.

The “roar of steel horses” shone over the tourist strip of the port, before the eyes of spectators. To the sound of banda music and the hubbub of the people, Mazatlán relives its Motorcycle Week 2022.

From big, small, and all-color motorcycles, children driving skillfully and even superheroes like the Avengers and Deadpool was was seen in this edition.

The acrobatics were not lacking and the bikers did the famous “wheelies” that impressed more than one. Girls in leather outfits, shorts and high boots showed up to show that women can be badass bikers too.

Not even the strong rays of the sun prevented the public from jumping with excitement every time they saw a motorcycle coming.

This parade was just like the carnival parade since for the first time sponsors were included made the attendees who were waiting with faces full of expectations for the big motorcycles to dance to their music.

Age did not matter, children and adults, as a family, couples or alone paraded happily along the coastal promenade, enjoying the moment.

Even fast-food delivery men were seen participating in the parade and making it clear that their engines also sound.

The motorcycle clubs have once again relieved their adrenaline and tourists take advantage of their stay to appreciate this particular way of having fun in the port.

The Mazatlan Post