In the middle of Mazatlan Motorcycle Week, a Tijuana biker is shot to death


It transpired that the deceased was talking with some people when a gunman arrived and shot him, leaving him lying on his motorcycle

During Motorcycle Week, a motorcyclist who was partying with some people in the vicinity of Paseo Claussen was shot to death this Friday night in Mazatlán.

So far they have not given details of the homicide and the identity of the victim, who was left lying on his motorcycle, has not been reported.

It was said that this person was celebrating with other people on Paseo Claussen, next to the “Martiniano Carvajal” park, when an individual approached and shot him at close range to immediately flee from the site.

The body of the deceased was left sitting on his motorcycle, a luxury unit, and there were several shell casings on the site.

After the attack, the police and emergency forces were alerted, so that this area, one of the most visited by tourists, was visited by patrols from the Municipal Police and paramedics from the Red Cross, who, upon reviewing the victim, confirmed that he no longer had vital signs.

The area of ​​the homicide was cordoned off and personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office were notified to process the crime scene to collect the information with which they will start the investigation folder.

The coordinator of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, affirmed that Public Security, PC and all the aid and rescue bodies designed a strong operation to meet the needs of Motorcycle Week, however, the murder of a “biker” from Tijuana, Baja California, and the death of another motorcyclist when he was hit by a vehicle in the Golden Zone, are situations that “are out of the reach of our hands.”

The local official said that it should also be understood that in this Motorcycle Week 2022 many more “steel horses” attended than expected, because people are already eager and eager for the party, after staying two years. locked down due to the COVID pandemic.  

Ruiz Gastélum specified that everything that happens this year in the “bikers party” is a lesson and forces them as authorities to reinforce and rethink safety strategies, as well as prevention for the next edition of Motorcycle Week.

Above all because during these days – from Thursday to Saturday – there have been a large number of accidents on the tourist side and on the main avenues of the city, because motorcyclists circulate under the influence of alcohol or at excessive speed.


The Mazatlan Post