Believe it or not, for Mazatlan’s hotel sector Motorcycle Week leaves more than Semana Santa


According to the hotel sector, Easter Week is the one that leaves them the most economic benefit.

MAZATLAN. – It is not new that Mazatlan is ‘at the top’ every weekend, that the beaches receive hundreds of bathers and that hotel occupancy is at 100 percent, but it is in high season when these numbers skyrocket, as for example the International Motorcycle Week.

According to the hotel sector, Easter Week is the one that leaves them the most.

The marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, José Gámez Valle, said that the week of bikers exceeds all expectations.

“There were people who arrived since last Sunday, they were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the bulk arrived on Thursday, this week had more occupation than Easter, since visitors take the whole week, and the occupation is above 70 percent ”, commented Gámez Valle.  

He added that every weekend Mazatlán is full, but big events are needed to continue growing, such as concerts, congresses, and conventions.

The president of the Confederation of the National Chamber of Commerce Services and Tourism Mexico estimated that they expect to close tomorrow with an economic spill of 170 billion pesos, which represents 20 percent more than what was raised for this Holy Week and Easter.

Within the framework of the swearing-in of Roberto Lem González, in his second term at the head of the Canaco Servytur in southern Sinaloa, Héctor Tejeda Shaar, estimated that for this vacation period the figures have been exceeded because it was originally proposed a collection of 140 billion pesos.

“This is spectacular news for our country. We have a green country, a country with very favorable health conditions for tourism to continue developing since it was one of the most affected activities during the pandemic and today it is recovering, ”he added.

Tejeda Shaar acknowledged that with these numbers, not only are the levels that existed before the Covid-19 pandemic recovered, but they are also being obtained favorably.

“We have completely full occupations not only in sun and beach destinations, we have in the center of the country, such as San Miguel de Allende, San Juan del Río, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico City and Guadalajara, they report to us occupations above 80 percent,” he assured.

The national leader highlighted that in destinations such as those that make up the Riviera Maya and Mazatlan, they have reported room occupations of 100 percent.

“This is to celebrate, to give this positive note, to give this note of such good news that we have in our country and we are very happy because today we have already managed to recover those levels that we had before,” he concluded.

The Mazatlan Post