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Mazatlan welcomes bikers from around the world at Olas Altas banquet

The Mayor of Mazatlán attends the welcome party dressed as one more motorcyclist

MAZATLAN.- A great party was held in Olas Altas, where the Moto Club that bears this name held the traditional welcome meal for all the biker brothers who visit the city during the traditional International Motorcycle Week 2022. 

The support of many hands is present, where chipotle marlin is prepared with white wine, accompanied by pork beans, to offer to the more than 10 thousand motorcyclists who attend. 

This coexistence that is enlivened with live music and everything is free of charge, becomes a mega party in the pure biker style. 

Photos: Christian Bernal

The event was attended by the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who arrived at the place with all the clothing of a well-versed motorcyclist and joined as one more, the celebrations of the Motorcycle Week. 

The party will continue all day, and at 6:00 p.m. a tribute will be paid to the fallen brothers, while at 10:00 p.m. a surprise group will enter to close with a flourish. 

With Gondwana, C-Kan and fireworks, they inaugurate the Mazatlán Motorcycle Week 2022

Municipal and state authorities and organizers welcomed motorcyclists from the city, the country and even from abroad, who for the first time come to this already international event.

motorcycle week.Municipal and state authorities and organizers welcomed motorcyclists from the city, the country and even from abroad who are coming to this already international event for the first time

The roar of the steel horses is felt again in one more edition of the Mazatlán International Motorcycle Week 2022, in which choppers and bikers already invade the city, but they were officially given the Welcome to the Convention Center, now transformed into the Biker Forum. 

At the opening ceremony, Jesús Adrián Tirado, operational director of the event, highlighted the presence of motorcyclists for the first time from Santiago de Chile, as well as from Alaska, who arrived this Thursday afternoon after three weeks of riding. 

“I know that many are making a great effort to come from far away, we have people who are visiting us from Santiago de Chile and also people who are arriving from Alaska who have been filming for three weeks, all those bastards who come here we give them the welcome, all of us are hosts of all the people who visit us from all parts of the country and from all parts of Latin America, this event is done with great enthusiasm and with a lot of effort”, he stated. 

Víctor Gomezllanos, president of the Moto Club Mazatlán extended the invitation to enjoy the party, without excesses and above all, with measure when driving, so that they can have a good return to their places of origin, since motorcyclists visit this event. from all over the republic. 

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, welcomed the bikers who arrived at the port to enjoy the activities and concerts that began this Thursday and end next Sunday on the esplanade of the Convention Center, who urged them to take care of themselves and He quoted the song from the Corrido de Mazatlán with the phrase “here life goes by without crying and even a poor person feels like a millionaire,” he said.  

After the formal ceremony, a shower of fireworks marked the official start of the bikers’ party, and the activation of sponsors was followed by the presentation of rap singer C-Kan, who made the thousands of attendees sing to the rhythm of hip hop its best-known lyrics and verses. 

The evening could not have a better closing than with the stellar presentation of the reggae group Gondwana, who, to the rhythm of their “original feeling” “Green, Yellow and Red” “Happiness” and “Harmony of Love” although after midnight, They put the motorcyclists to sing and the public turned upside down to go and witness the show after several years of absence in this port. 

Motorcycle Week will leave more than 600 million pesos in Mazatlan

According to the report of the hotel sector , in this Motorcycle Week the lodging centers register levels above 90 percent and in view of this, the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries in the Municipality – Sedectur – estimates to obtain a spill economy of 600 to 700 million pesos for Mazatlan.

“We are aiming to close the week with around 600 to 700 million pesos, added to the 850 from Easter, plus the 350 million from the previous week, so we will be closing with 1,700 million pesos throughout the holiday period.”

“… we are very happy because there have been several continuous weekends with a full Mazatlan,” he said.

The local official commented that one of the limitations for Mazatlan to grow even more is the lack of hotel rooms; however, thirteen lodging centers are already under construction in the destination to put an end to this situation.

“One of the limitations we have is the lack of rooms, however, we must put on the table that there are more than 13 hotels under construction and it is a task of the municipal president to continue attracting important chains to the port, to continue triggering that growth. not only tourist, but economic”, he pointed out.

The “Pity” Velarde said that in Mazatlan there are no longer temporary periods because every weekend there is a large influx of visitors and apart from that, thanks to the tourist circuits, the towns of the rural area such as El Quelite, El Habal, and La Noria have benefited. .

Source: lineadirectaportal.com, punto.mx

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