Sinaloan Youtuber “El Compa Jorge” gunned down in Culiacán


The victim received several bullet wounds in the chest, for which he died despite the fact that he was immediately transferred to a private clinic.

Jorge Luis “N”, businessman and YouTuber, was shot several times upon arriving at his home in the Guadalupe Víctor neighborhood, very close to the Ninth Military Zone barracks, in Culiacán, the capital city of the state of Sinaloa, apparently by two men who were expecting him inside a vehicle.

The Municipal Police of Culiacán reports that on Gilberto Owen Avenue, a young man who had just gotten out of a recent model gray Toyota vehicle was shot several times on the body and head.

His attackers shot him 10 times at close range.

The seriously injured man was transferred to a nearby medical clinic, but upon arrival, the medical personnel who treated him determined that he did not show vital signs.

Later, the man was identified as Youtuber “El Compa Jorge”.

Source: Informador

The Mazatlan Post