Did you know that on Saturday Mazatlan avenues will be closed for the parade? Find out which ones


It is estimated that from 4:00 p.m. on Holy Saturday some avenues and streets of the city will be closed.

MAZATLAN.- Next Saturday the carnival parade will take place in the middle of Holy Week with the idea that visitors learn a little about the culture and traditions of the maximum Mazatlan festival, at 6:00 p.m. It is expected that this event will start from the monument to the Fisherman along the boardwalk until it ends at Valentino’s. 

The coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection in Mazatlán, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, indicated that they already have a plan to close the avenues, prior to the parade that will take place in the port on Holy Saturday. 

He commented that a partial closure of Gutiérrez Nájera avenue and Mexico street is planned, at 4:00 p.m., to enter the 16 allegorical cars that will participate in the parade.  

“Possibly the partial closure will be at 4:00 p.m., and already in the matter of restricting cars in the vehicular flow from Monos Bichis to Valentinos, it would be moments before the start of the parade,” said Ruiz Gastélum.   

During the parade, a strong operation will be deployed with the idea of ​​providing the best security to all attendees, both visitors and locals.  

The royal court of the Mazatlan Carnival 2022, Carolina Pérez and Ivanna Matamoros, queen of the Carnival and queen of the Floral Games, respectively, will be participating in the parade.  

On Wednesday a change in the circulation of Playa Gaviotas Avenue, in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, is expected, but this will depend on the vehicular flow that is observed, if not it will be from 00:00 hours on Thursday, indicated Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection.  

The change in circulation will be from north to south since the vehicle load is determined and it is estimated that there will be a 50 percent increase in the capacity of cars.  

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“It is only a change of direction of traffic and it would possibly start on Wednesday, depending on the vehicle load that is presented, if on Wednesday there is a lot of load, the modification would be made during the course of the day, if not, it would be done on Thursday. Ruiz Gastelum said.  

On the other hand, he commented that during the Mazatlán Fest, a strong operation will be mounted in coordination with Culture and Public Security, at each of the points of these celebrations from the parade, beach area and the Quirino Ordaz street concert.  

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