3 Mazatlan parachute service providers suspended


In the surprise operation, service providers were reviewed and 3 were suspended

MAZATLÁN.- In order to offer quality tourist services to tourists visiting the port during this holiday period of Holy Week and Motorcycle Week, the Municipal Government staff carried out a supervision tour of tourist service providers to verify the conditions in which they are they find the equipment, such as Kayak, boats, parachutes and aquatic bananas.

The Head of Internal Communication and Protocols of the Presidency, Cristian Castillo López, in the company of the staff of the Mayor’s Office, Subdirectorate of Commerce, Civil Protection, Capta, Port Captaincy, and Secretary of the Navy, inspected that the tourist services that are offered to visitors and the local population, have security measures, permits, and risk insurance.

“The Harbor Master’s Office checks that they have the Maritime Licenses, as well as the life insurance that the boats have, because this protects the passengers and equipment,” he specified.

Castillo López added that in this first supervision tour they verified the conditions of the equipment and during Holy Week they will carry out surprise supervisions in strategic areas of the beach.

Providers who do not comply with the prevention measures and permits issued by the Port Authority will not be able to offer tourist services, as happened today when 3 service providers were suspended because their parachutes did not comply with the security measures and were withdrawn.

Source: punto.mx

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