No more lights out! Public Services ‘combs’ the city to repair broken street lights in Mazatlan


The Public Lighting staff has already managed to restore more than 1,500 lamps that for some reason did not light up in the town, highlighted José David Ibarra Olmeda.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Public Services undertook a strong lamp repair program colony by colony to put an end to this problem in Mazatlan, especially since several sectors have been victims of wiring theft and vandalism, declared José David Ibarra Olmeda.

The head of the area specified that the Department of Public Lighting has two special crews; one that is in charge of attending to, following up on the reports that arrive, and the other, of going sector by sector fixing broken or extinguished lamps.

“We bring a pilot plan of the points that were most damaged, they started in Pradera; the seven Praderas, where around 385 lamps were fixed and Pradera, we jumped at the Infonavit Alarcón; and this week we are going to go to Santa Teresa, successively we go colony by colony”

“…we don’t go for a report because it takes more time, so we grab a complete colony and ‘comb’ it little by little,” he said.

The local official highlighted that more than 1,500 lamps have been repaired, and to avoid vandalism again, he has been asked for the support of Public Security to take care of the conflictive areas such as; Santa Fe, Santa Teresa, Urbi Villas, and each of the sections of Pradera Dorada, in Mazatlan.


The Mazatlan Post