Over 2 million visitors are expected throughout Sinaloa during Holy Week: SSP


The Undersecretary of Public Security in Sinaloa, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva, reported that the operation will be deployed by sky, land and sea.

Sinaloa.- There will be more than 10,600 security elements and aid bodies that will participate in the 2022 Easter Operations Plan, reported the Undersecretary of Public Security, Prevention and Social Reintegration in Sinaloa, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva.

After leading a meeting with authorities of the Federation, the State and the municipalities, Hernández Leyva explained that it will be a challenge, after two years of pandemic, for this 2022 a normal influx is expected to vacation and recreation centers throughout the country. state because, according to the State Institute of Civil Protection, there will be more than 2 million visitors in the 18 municipalities, hence the operation for the deployment of security was detailed.

He stressed that with this plan, the aim is to provide security and surveillance in a coordinated manner in recreational sites, to guarantee a maximum state of peace, safeguarding the integrity of Sinaloa families, as well as tourists, however, the undersecretary emphasized that They will carry out tours and patrols in urban areas to offer security for those who stay at home, as well as prevent crimes from being committed in the homes where families do go on vacation.

“This is a challenge due to the number of people waiting this Easter, we have just passed the pandemic, people want to go on vacation and resume their activities again. We have an important workforce, we are going to be working by sky, by land and by sea”, he said. 

Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva said that with the support of the National Guard authorities, attention will be paid to the roads in order to avoid the increase in road accidents that, unfortunately, are recorded every year.

He explained that they will also have the support of an aircraft that can be transferred to some point in the state in case of maximum emergency , in addition to patrols, motorcycles, ATVs, water vehicles, cranes and ambulances, for which he also stressed the support that will be had by part of the rescue and aid bodies such as Civil Protection, Red Cross and Firefighters.

Finally, he called on the population to conduct themselves responsibly, civilly and respectfully, in addition to taking preventive measures if they are going to leave home both on the road and in their own home.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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