The “Jewel” of Mazatlan! The Mazatlan 1873 Observatory is celebrating its anniversary


Mariana de León and Peña Simental announced that the offer will soon be expanded and they estimate that in the following year they will break the record of 20,000 visitors.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Increasing the tourist offer, but also giving the destination a meeting point where visitors can learn about the history of Mazatlán, through its architecture, photographs, and a documentary video is how it was officially born a year ago Mazatlan Observatory 1873.

Although the project has a long time before its inauguration, this year in which more than twenty thousand people, including tourists from Russia, Japan, the United States, France, and Canada have visited it and have been amazed not only by its impressive views but for everything it offers, there are plans to expand the offer, explained its manager, Mariana de León and Peña Simental.

“Most people will be able to locate Mazatlán, Sinaloa as by the boardwalk, the beaches, the beer, but we are much more than that, we must rescue, both the values, and all the history that Mazatlán has, that is our idea , bring together the best of history, art, gastronomy, soon with the next restaurant”.

A drink from the mixology bar, some snacks at sunset, living with nature and species such as parrots, macaws, peacocks and deer, or simply a tour taking advantage of every corner to take hundreds of photographs, is what you can do during your stay. , after knowing a little about the history of the port, he explained.

It should be noted that this tourist attraction is not only for visitors but also for the locals themselves, who mainly return to the bar, revealed Mariana de León y Peña, in addition, tours of educational establishments have been organized so that children know a little closer to this building, which served for many years as a meteorological and astronomical center.

In addition, within the framework of the first anniversary of this tourist “jewel”, the manager revealed that they are about to expand their offer with a restaurant at the top, new spaces such as an iguana reserve, as well as a beach club, which, although it will be in the heart of the golden zone, you will be part of the family.

The cost of admission for tourists to this attraction is 450 pesos for the Observatory Tour, in which children from 3 to 12 years old pay only 200 pesos, while Mazatlecos only pay 350 pesos and children from 3 to 12 years old pay 150 pesos. There is also a Mezcal Tour for 800 pesos, which includes the distillate test.

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