In April, Caxxor Group will define the USMCA Mazatlan-Canada port railway project


So far, they have invested around 150 million pesos in the executive project, but they estimate spending more than 600 million pesos on permits, studies, and rights this year.

MAZATLAN. – If you were wondering, what progress is there in the USMCA Corridor project? Grupo Caxxor informed that this is still standing, and by April it would have already been defined and procedures for the port will begin.

Although the work is not visible, the Group pointed out that they are working on the executive project, the permits, and the feasibility studies, where they have invested around 150 million pesos, however, they estimate spending more than 600 million pesos.  

Carlos Ortiz, CEO of Grupo Caxxor, mentioned that the firm has been permanently in talks with the state governments involved in the USMCA Corridor project to establish progress and update the needs and objectives of the project in the regions, closing the month of March with the talks with Sinaloa. 

“Caxxor presented the Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, with the progress of the environmental studies and diagnosis, showing the physical route that was carried out along the track and the data of all the land through which the railway track will pass. and advances in environmental studies and diagnoses to make it viable”, he said.  

Currently, it already has the land for the unloading and industrial parks in the state of Coahuila, and in Durango, the installation or layout of the railway tracks has already begun, where the Ministry of Communications and Transportation has documented its interest. to the project that links it to a concession procedure.  

“Although the road project had begun in Durango, when the procedures for the port begin, Caxxor and the government of Sinaloa will work together to make the investment viable and highlights that, during this recent conversation, international cooperation between the three countries, involving the local state governments of Mexico, the United States and Canada”, he said.  

The updated amount of the Caxxor Group‘s private investment exceeds one billion dollars of investment only for the state of Sinaloa, for everything that implies the construction of a loading and unloading port, in addition to those already existing in Mazatlan and Topolobampo.  

When did the project start?

It was in November 2020, when this group announced what it promises will be the largest maritime and land connectivity project in the American continent, which plans to connect Sinaloa, in Mexico, with Winnipeg, Canada, crossing through the United States, for which they estimate an initial investment of 3.3 billion dollars.  

This new port aims to move 8 million containers, making it the most important in Latin America and the second most relevant on the continent, after Long Beach, in Los Angeles, United States, and unlike other logistics corridors, the project devised from the USMCA will be of transformation, so that along the route industries will be installed that add value to the goods that transit through it.   

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