The artisan women’s expo returns to Culiacan Obregón square


Until this Thursday the artisan expo will remain in the Álvaro Obregón square next to the Cathedral

Culiacán This Wednesday began the Culiacán artisan women‘s expo in Plazuela Obregón where some 30 entrepreneurs show the public creations in bule carving, fragrances, craft drinks, jewelry, woven bags, plants, honey and food that will be until this Thursday 17.

The secretary of social development, Carlos Zamudio, congratulated the participants because they are making known what is produced in Culiacán and supporting the local economy, after the pandemic.

Malú Reyes, director of participation, expressed that they will return to normal exhibitions again and hope that more people will join the initiative because families need financial support after confinement due to the pandemic.

There in the exhibition is Mrs. María del Carmen Sauceda López with art in bule, with decorations of sunflowers, flowers, turtles, key chains, lamps that she has been making since 2014 after taking training, she has participated in several exhibitions, she also has his workshop at his home in the San Benito neighborhood where he also teaches classes.

On this occasion, there were about 30 women artisans because another group participates in the Expo Agro to show the art that Culiacán produces to visitors from Mexico and other countries.


The Mazatlan Post