Did you go to Mazatlan’s Carnival? Make sure you don’t have these symptoms


Remember that the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet and that the protocols must be kept on the agenda to avoid infecting us, even if we are vaccinated.

MAZATLAN. – The party is over, the Mazatlan International Carnival managed to reactivate a social part that had been off since 2020, and although the municipal and state authorities declared a white balance, we were not exempt from getting Covid-19 or its variants, even if we have the vaccine booster.

For this reason, to be prepared and take care of all of us, we list the symptoms for you and if you have some, do not hesitate and go to your family doctor or call the Covid line, which is 667-713-00-63, if you have more of one requests an appointment to do a quick test, it is not only taking care of ourselves, but of our environment.  

Covid-19 symptoms 

The most common symptoms are the following: 




Loss of taste or smell 

Less common symptoms are: 

Throat pain 


aches and pains 


Skin rash or discoloration of fingers or toes 

Red or irritated eyes 

Serious symptoms are as follows 

Difficulty breathing or dyspnea 

Loss of mobility or speech or feeling confused 

Chest pain 

Omicron variant 

Currently, the Omicron variant has been reported by the WHO as a variant of concern. Although it is not defined if this variant of COVID-19 is more serious compared to the other variants or if it causes greater illness. What we know is that it prevents hospitalizations from increasing, another advantage is that most of the population is increasingly vaccinated.  

The symptoms of Omicron do not vary much from those reported in any type of COVID-19. What does stand out is that most patients with this variant have mild symptoms.  

Some of the most common symptoms are: 


Dry cough 

night sweat 

Body ache 

In both cases, seek medical attention immediately if you have any of these symptoms. You should always call your doctor or health care center before going to the place in question. It is recommended that people who suffer from mild symptoms and are in good general health confine themselves at home. 

On average, people who become infected start showing symptoms within 5 to 6 days of being infected, but it can take up to 14.  

Source: punto.mx

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