Mazatlan MTB cycling competition called ‘The Six Hours’ returns


The cycling event will have more than 400 participants from different parts of the country

MAZATLAN.- The “Las Seis Horas” mountain biking competition returns to the city after a few years of absence; This 2022 will resume the event with the organization of the “El Seis” Club, whose activity is scheduled to take place on April 9. 

This will be the fourth edition in which the participation of more than 400 cycling lovers from different parts of the country is expected, including Sonora, Nayarit, Baja California, Durango, Jalisco and Sinaloa.  

The competition will take place on a track, which has a route of 11 kilometers, of which 5 kilometers are on a wide road and 6 kilometers are Cross Country; The team that accumulates the most laps during six hours will be the winner.  

The Six Hours event is here to stay in the port, as it will be part of the annual state MTB calendar.  


The Mazatlan Post