When will face masks not be required in Mazatlan? Look what the Mayor Benítez said


The municipal president informed that he is waiting for the 14 days after the end of the maximum Buenos Aires party to be able to authorize an increase in the capacity for businesses and shops.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- When will Mazatlán stop using the face mask? Later! But not in the short term, because we must continue to take care of ourselves in the face of the COVID pandemic; In fact, being in green “is the best news we have had because the first event of the 2022 Carnival took place more than 10 days ago,” Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres highlighted. 

The municipal president reported that as an authority they are waiting for the 14-day period to be fulfilled to be able to authorize an increase in the capacity for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs and even, if the cases do not rebound, to make known if the maximum Mazatlan party contributed to that. 

“The best news I have had is that we are at a green traffic light because we already have 10 days since we started the Carnival, and that we are going to wait for the 14 days to be completed, which is the normal process of the virus to increase capacity.”

-Mayor, in other cities of the world they have chosen not to wear the mask. Is it planned to do so in Mazatlan? 

“Not yet in the short term, we have to continue to be careful,” he said.

The municipal specified that now, after Carnival 2022, Troca Week, Holy Week, Motorcycle Week, the “Mazatlán Fest” and many other events are coming to the destination.

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