Mazatlan’s IMMUJER will celebrate International Women’s Day with activities


The conferences will start from the 7th with a series of conferences and will last until the 11th of this month

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The director of the Municipal Institute for Women, María del Carmen Ramírez Morales, announced a series of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8.

“The activities begin on the 7th with conferences that will be held in a hotel aimed at women workers in companies, on the Empowerment of Women,” she reported.

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The local official announced that on the 11th, a forum will be held with the theme ‘Women’s Equality and Leadership’, which will be presented by three women, including the councilor, Georgina Quintana Pucheta, a member of the Commission of Human Rights in the Cabildo.


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“That Friday afternoon we have a conversation called ‘Women inspiring other Women’, why this topic; because there are women who have opened the way and have broken schemes, that’s why we will have as guests a female bricklayer, a female firefighter and a female taxi driver, ”she reported.

Ramírez Morales lamented that there are currently up to 70 cases of violence against women and they are due to psychological violence that unfortunately leads to physical violence.

“Per week there are up to 70 cases on average that are reported for psychological violence, followed by physical and even sexual”, however, these cases are being filtered, “she said.

He called on women who suffer some type of violence or who have an addiction problem to come to his instance so that they can be treated.

“In the Municipal Institute for Women, we are receiving the cases, we provide them with the attention they require, we are not specialists in drug and alcohol care, but we can help them channel them to any instance,” he invited.


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