It was time! Mazatlan ready to regularize ‘chocolate’ cars


This new decree will benefit Sinaloa since they would leave income for approximately 770 million pesos.

MAZATLAN.- It was about time! David González Torrentera, a revenue collector in Mazatlan, celebrated the incorporation of the state into the decree that allows the legalization of foreign cars or better known as “chocolates.” 

Since last Sunday, the federal government published in the Official Gazette of the Federation a modification to the decree of last January to incorporate Sinaloa and Zacatecas to the seven states that had authorized the regularization of this type of vehicle. 

He recognized that now that they will be recognized, these vehicles will leave more resources to the state and will help a lot on the security issue. 

“All the data is already being coordinated to successfully carry out this process,” he said.  

How much will it cost you to regularize your car?  

The process will cost 2,500 pesos, to which the price of the plates will be added. But beware, González Torrentera specified that this benefit will only apply to vehicles that entered the country before January 19, 2022.  

“Yes, I make the call very carefully, only cars that have entered before that date can be regularized, because later people will want to bring more cars from abroad,” he stressed. 

They will be working on a dating model and will have until September to complete the process.   

“It is important to clarify that intermediaries will not be allowed and the car will have to be physically presented,” he said. 

To request more information, you can go to the Revenue Collection offices, in the Administrative Unit from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

According to the State Government, this new decree will benefit Sinaloa since it would leave revenues of approximately 770 million pesos, and according to what the president said, AMLO, these resources will be used to repair roads and improve urban space. 


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