Gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico today March 6th


Both the Magna gasoline, the premium, and the diesel present an increase if it is compared with the prices of Saturday.

Mexico.- The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to make the international markets “tremble”, due, in large part, to the increase in the price of oil, which “hits” the costs of the different fuels. 

Throughout the week, in Mexico, increases were seen in magna, premium gasoline and diesel, the first being the most affected. 

Despite this, this Sunday, two types present a general increase of 2 cents compared to the numbers of yesterday, Saturday, while the liter of diesel rises 3 cents.  

So the costs of gasoline and diesel today, as well as the comparison of the previous day, so you can get an idea and get your accounts very well:

• A liter of Magna  gasoline in the Mexican Republic today costs $21.18, yesterday $21.16
• The average cost of Premium gasoline  is $22.97, yesterday $22.95
• The price of  Diesel  today in Mexico is $22.47, yesterday $22.44

It should be remembered that the price of fuel in  Mexico was not released, so the cost in each establishment may vary; For this, there are various mechanisms with which the average prices of each region of the country can be checked; one of the most used is gasolinemx, as well as the Profeco app, liter by liter. 

To keep abreast of movements in gasoline, stay tuned to the economic section of this news portal; and it is also important that you remember that the cost of fuel is different in each state of the  Mexican Republic, this after the market was opened and the appearance of brands other than Pemex was allowed.

Average price of gasoline in  SINALOA  today
Magna $21.75
Premium $23.48
Diesel $22.4
Average price of gasoline in  MEXICO CITY – CDMX  today
Magna $22.87
Premium $23.88
Diesel $22.8
Average price of gasoline in  COAHUILA  today
Magna $20.86
Premium $23.07
Diesel $21.95
Average price of gasoline in  BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE  today
Magna $20.34
Premium $22.54
Diesel $21.52
Average price of gasoline in  CHIAPAS  today
Magna $21.3
Premium $22.61
Diesel $22.71

Check here the updated price of gasoline today in Mexico and in the different states, municipalities and regions of the country, in which the Energy Regulatory Commission has divided according to economic zones.

The price of fuels in Mexico has been released to the market in order to eliminate the subsidies that the government granted, so from now on supply and demand will be the main factors that can regulate the new costs of the different types of gasoline, either: Premium, Diesel or Magna.

Although Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) gas stations are the best known, other brands that will have gas stations have already entered the country, for example: Oxxo Gas, Gasmart Gasolineras, Grupo Perc, ExxonMobil, Petro-7, G500, BP, Shell, Gulf and Coppel.