María del Carmen, the Only female “Treasure Seeker” in Mazatlan


*Gold, silver and ancient coins

*As sport, “hobby” and “anti-stress”

María del Carmen Morales, at 50 years old, in addition to being a housewife and seller of fruit prepared on the street, is the only woman “treasure hunter” on the beaches of Mazatlan and rural areas near the port.

In the interview, Carmen reflects charisma, security in her “hobby” and proudly says that she is the only woman in Mazatlan who looks for treasures; “I have been in this sport for 10 years, which also de-stresses me from everyday things.”

She claims that many of the things he has found in his search, such as valuable and antique gold rings, have bailed him out. He even talks about one of them with 27.4 grams of 18-karat gold and a lion figure that he sold to an American for 16,500 pesos. He has also taken chains, medals, and silver bracelets out of the sand, but also hundreds of bottle caps and nails that she collects so that people, especially children, do not get hurt.

In the extensive interview she also comments that in the rural area, for example in the San Pablo ranch, she has found relics, old coins from 1865 and even “rials” and shell casings and bullets from old rifles.

On the beaches of Mazatlán, she found two key chains, one with the car chip and others from the doors of a house or apartment.

Doña Carmen, who is now a grandmother, brings in her hand’s several rings that she has found on the beaches. She said that the last thing found was a silver chain and that sometimes there are people who see her tracking objects and ask her to help them look for the wedding ring or the lost chain moments before.

She adds that he has done it and that when he finds the object he is looking for with his devices, he says that a “thank you” is enough, although there is no shortage of clinging ones and he accepts the “reward”.

She indicates that he has found more than 8 cell phones and three wallets that he has delivered, after looking for their owners. He claims to feel nice when he sees the joyful faces of the people recovering the lost object.

Carmen points out that in her “hobby” she has seen that people leave a lot of garbage on the beach when they can take it without any problem and deposit it in the nearest boat.

She points out that he dedicates up to two times a week to his “disasters” and an average of three to five hours.

The treasure-seeking woman says that she brings various devices and that depending on the metal it is the sound that is produced and the one that “she likes to hear the most is the sound of gold” and bursts out laughing.


The Mazatlan Post