Residents of the Mazatlan subdivision capture a crocodile of almost two meters long


The reptile was taken to the Aquarium to be evaluated by the veterinarian; during Wednesday it will be known where he will be released

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Neighbors of the San Fernando subdivision managed to capture a crocodile that was in the rain channel, near their homes, and that generated risk for them.

The residents, seeing the opportunity to capture the reptile of just over a meter and a half in length, drew up a strategy until they could lasso it and put it in a safe place and request the support of Civil Protection personnel.

Being at the scene of the events, the animal was put in the bed of a truck and then taken to the facilities of the Mazatlan Aquarium, there the reptile would be subjected to studies to determine its clinical situation.

The decision to release it in a different natural habitat will be announced during the course of Wednesday, according to the information.


The Mazatlan Post