Association will distribute 15 thousand condoms during the Mazatlan Carnival


In the event that the Mazatlan Carnival takes place, more than 15,000 condoms and an information brochure will be delivered in addition to free tests.

MAZATLAN.- In 2021, around 2,000 more positive cases of HIV/AIDS were detected, and although they are no more than in 2020, there is still a concern, said Misael Muñoz Calderón, in charge of the Protection area of ​​Sharing Challenges AC 

In 2020, the Federal Health Secretariat closed with a total of 9,994 new patients.

He indicated that it is very important that in addition to the promotion that is done for the Covid-19 issue, they do not forget other ailments that also exist, and under this problem, the association already plans the delivery of 15,000 condoms or more, during the Mazatlan Carnival, if it takes place.

“Not only in Mexico, in the world there was an increase in recent diagnoses, if it is a peak that increased and that turned on some lights for everyone, not because Covid is everywhere right now there ceases to be heart or brain diseases, in the end After all, viruses and bacteria do not understand the political reasons of humans,” Muñoz Calderón pointed out.  

He commented that the distribution of condoms, the agency carries a campaign of free tests for the detection of HIV / AIDS, of which they are carried out in offices through appointments that can be requested at the numbers 6691-22-08-48 or at 6692-44-77-21, with Missal or Deisy Balam.  

He added that they are still in talks with the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Arts of Mazatlan to determine the points where the delegation would be placed to carry out the delivery of condoms, which would be on the boardwalk due to the height of the Aquarium, in the Plazuela Machado and by Valentinos. 

Finally, he said that completely free tests for Hepatitis, Syphilis, and HIV are planned, which will be completely free. 


If you want to take a rapid test for HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C, you can go to the offices of the asociación Compartiendo Retos, on Camarón Sábalo Avenue, above the Cheers restaurant-bar.

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