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Mazatlan will reinforce covid protocols for the Mazatlán FC vs. Águilas del América game

The number of staff will be increased in both the Mayor’s Office, Public Security and Civil Protection

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The Senior Official of the Mazatlán City Council, Nayla Adilene Velarde Narváez, announced that for this Wednesday’s game where the Mazatlán FC soccer team will face the Águilas del América at the Kraken stadium, the operation will continue the same as the previous ones.

In this case, he said, and in the knowledge of the large number of fans that the team has, Azul-Crema, only the number of personnel will be increased from both the Mayor’s Office, Public Security, and Civil Protection.

“We started the operation with Xolos de Tijuana, it was a capacity where there were many empty spaces because the capacity was not one hundred percent in ticket sales, but this helped us to identify the points that we are going to deal with on Wednesday where we hope so they are bursting with capacity, that is, at 60 percent, ”she assured.

Velarde Narváez said that the recommendation they made to the Kraken stadium staff is that, just as it has been asked in other games for stadium attendees to put into practice the health recommendations against Covid-19, recommend the same for those who attend the meeting Mazatlan FC vs America.

“Reinforce that, if there are 30 or 40 gays, double the number of personnel for the operation, Public Security will support us with elements, Civil Protection, as well, and we as the Mayor’s Office and Commerce will also enter with more elements,” he stressed.

Velarde Narváez specified that the number of participants in the operation has yet to be defined, however, she said, they will be very strict in the protocols.

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