Faced with a wave of assaults, the Pulmonia leader regrets little communication with the head of the SSP


He recalled that not long ago in Urías, a colleague was shot twice and also less than a year ago another was murdered in the Malecón

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Given the high number of assaults that have taken place in recent days on public transport drivers and specifically those with pulmonias, Mariano Ortega Vizcarra, leader of this sector, lamented the lack of communication between the head of the SSP, Juan Ramon Alfaro Gaxiola, to expose his situation.

“Unfortunately there is no good communication with the Secretary of Public Security and we are practically on our own taking care of ourselves. We see very few patrols, especially at night, which are the most dangerous, the ones with the highest incidence of assaults,” he assured.

The pulmonia leader assured that the areas of greatest danger are the Ricardo Flores Magón, Conchi, Santa Teresa, Mazatlán I, II and III, Valles del Ejido neighborhoods.

Ortega Vizcarra recognized that the problem of the assaults, coupled with the issue of the pandemic and the cost of January, has complicated the situation since the demand for services has dropped considerably.

“Gasoline continues to rise every day, the inputs are the same and the truth is that we are suffering in the economic issue and the problem of assaults is still on top of it, the truth is that it does hit us,” he said.

He asked the corresponding authorities that this Carnival and all the high seasons of tourism, security be reinforced and that there be greater coordination with all the authorities.

“The truth is that the assaults occur and there is no one to be punished, there is no follow-up, there is no investigation and absolutely nothing happens and people feel free to go out and harm us,” he lamented.

He recalled that not long ago in the Urías neighborhood, a colleague was shot twice for not bringing money to deliver to the assailants, and also less than a year ago another was murdered in the Malecón, in both cases there were complaints, but nothing happened.

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