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“El Chapo” Narco Bishop reported in serious condition due to complications from COVID

The bishop of Mexicali, Monsignor José Isidro Guerrero Macías, Father Chilo , was reported as “very serious” due to complications from COVID-19.

According to the weekly Zeta, the news of the state of health of the former rector of the Culiacán seminary was confirmed in a letter sent to the Catholic community and signed by the Secretary-Chancellor and Vicar General of the Diocese of Mexicali, in which they point out that Bishop he remains intubated.

“In the last few hours, oxygen saturation and some other parameters have remained stable, his response to treatment has not been what was expected, he is still intubated and he is considered a very serious patient,” the letter states.

In the text sent to the priests, religious and the Catholic community, they state that any different situation that could arise in the health of Bishop José Isidro will be communicated.

“In the meantime, we all continue to do our best in the pastoral work of our diocesan church.”

The bishop has been hospitalized since January 13 due to the virus, however, five days later he was intubated.

On May 20, 2007, in a chronicle published by the newspaper Contraseña, of Mexicali, signed by the reporter Norma Luz López Pesqueira, Father Chil or, as the former rector of the Culiacán Seminary is known, confessed that he was a friend of Chapo Guzmán and other well known Narcos that he had even baptized their “children”.

“Look, my friend El Chapo Guzmán! I baptized about 20 children,” said Guerrero Macías. At that time he was Bishop of Mexicali.

Father Chilo, has not been the only one who has been related to famous drug traffickers under the pretext of exercising the priesthood.

Another case was that of Gerardo Montaño Rubio, a priest who during his time in Tijuana between the 1980s and 1990s befriended and baptized the children of Benjamín and Ramón Arellano Félix, and built a real emporium in his parish, thanks to the generous alms and donations of which Bishop Emilio Berlié was aware.

Montaño Rubio, at the request of the now Archbishop of Yucatan, Emilio Berlié Belaunzarán, were the conduit for the famous brothers, once leaders of the Tijuana Cartel, to meet with the apostolic nuncio, Girolamo Prigione.

In December 1993, Benjamín and Ramón had gone to Mexico City, where they were received by the Pope’s representative at the nunciature, their intention was to distance themselves from the murder of Cardinal Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo.

The nuncio gave notice of the presence of the famous drug traffickers to the then Attorney General of the Republic, Jorge Carpizo McGregor, who immediately informed President Carlos Salinas.

And they didn’t lift a finger to stop them.

It is almost 29 years since the cardinal’s assassination, and the PGR still supports the hypothesis, which is rejected by a large sector of the Catholic Church, beginning with the Cardinal of Guadalajara, Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, that Posadas Ocampo died because the gunmen from Tijuana confused him with El Chapo Guzmán.

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