Decrease in omicron infections in the U.S. benefits Mazatlan cruise ship tourism


The state Tourism Secretariat remains optimistic about the arrival of cruise ships.

MAZATLÁN.- The decrease in omicron infections in the United States brings favorable results to the port of Mazatlán regarding the issue of cruise ship arrivals, as reported by Juan José Ruiz González, director of special projects of the Ministry of Tourism in Sinaloa. 

Why? Now with infections down, the United States will have no problem allowing its cruise ships to leave and reach other places that control their infections in the same way.  

The state official commented that last month they closed with 15 cruise ships, a goal that had been projected since December 2021, which means that despite the increase in infections that occurred worldwide due to the arrival of the new variant, Mazatlan managed to reach the goal. 

“We are doing well, in the United States the issue of contagion has already been largely overcome, so we are optimistic, we will continue to have good arrivals and continue to meet the schedules,” he said.  

He indicated that he remains positive in complying with the calendars that had already been established. This month the arrival of 12 cruise ships is expected and for March, the list of arrivals is 15. 

Ruiz González made it clear that there is still the possibility that the shipping companies make changes to their agenda, but that would not mean that there are problems with the governments of Sinaloa and Mazatlán.  

He pointed out that in the event that there is Carnival, the question of overnight stays for cruise ship companies is an issue that cannot be discussed because the future of the maximum Mazatlan party has not yet been decided. 

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