Ministry of Health warns of more Covid infections due to events prior to the Mazatlán Carnival


Despite the fact that the carnival already has its royal procession, the secretary of health pointed out that there is still no date to define the holding of the event.

Sinaloa.- The realization of the international carnival of Mazatlan is still in ‘ we will see ‘, however, the organizers of this Buenos Aires party continue with the realization of previous events.

Upon express question, the Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, pointed out that an increase in covid-19 infections is expected for the municipality of Mazatlán, due to recent events, in which there was a crowd such as the manifestation of queens and the election of the royal procession.

“ Secretary Could holding events increase the number of infections in the municipality? Of course, yes, the truth is that we are playing with the lives of Sinaloans, it is a situation that is not easy to explain, however, they are situations that are occurring, ”he replied.

He stated that according to the behavior of the pandemic, it is envisaged that by the end of February there will be a decrease in the contagion curve that will allow the state to return to the yellow color at the epidemiological traffic light.

Finally, he pointed out that it will be in a few days when a decision is made about the carnival, however, everything will be according to the behavior of the pandemic.

“ There is still no definition, if there is going to be a carnival or not, we are still going to wait, the governor has already said, we are going to follow up on the epidemiological behavior of this disease and a decision will be made around that,” he said.


The Mazatlan Post