The best rib chef in Mazatlan “El Negro”


With Las Costillas Del Negro you will eat up your fingers

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal in a big way, do not hesitate to visit El Negro, where you will finish with its delicious ribs, until only the bones are left.

Adolfo Gutiérrez, known as el negro, the only rib specialist in Mazatlan, -and it turned out that he is endorsed by the world association of rib chefs in Nevada-, undertook this business 13 years ago, during which time he has managed to position himself among the favorite foods of Mazatlecos and tourists.

Located in sector N # 9 of the López Mateos neighborhood, El Negro offers food in style, starting with the ribs, to which he gives a personal touch since everything is prepared with great care so that people return.

When asked why the name El Negro, he replies that his brother is black and that’s how he is known, “and we already have the commercial nickname and I, because I also had long hair and they nicknamed me negro.” and so it stayed.”

Apart from the ribs, you who like to achieve glory with food, at this point the options you can find are from a breaded chicken burger, ribs, tuna, yes, all au gratin with chihuahua cheese, and prepared at charcoal.

They are 200 grams of pure rib, seasoned, accompanied with French fries.

There are no tricks here, everything is gourmet, and as garnish golden corn and hamburger bun.

It also has home delivery from 1 in the afternoon to 9 at night.

Do not hesitate, to enjoy a great lunch or dinner, as only Costillas del Negro can offer.


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