In Mazatlan there are no permits for massive concerts


The head of the Mayor’s Office of the City Council, Nayla Velarde Narváez, assured that in order to carry out any promotion, event organizers should first have the consent of the authorities.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Despite the fact that there are promotional walls for possible massive concerts in the city, the head of the Mayor’s Office of the City Council, Nayla Velarde Narváez, rejected that permits have been granted because they are not allowed.

And about the Carnival Fair, she confirmed that there is no permission for it to take place, in addition to the fact that the organizers have not even come close.

” We still do not have the permits for the Carnival Fair because we still do not have a date for the Carnival, and we still do not have procedures here for the Fair, and in order to make a real promotion they should have the permits from the relevant government levels “, she stated.

The municipal official assured that there are still no permits for massive concerts to be held in the city and that they have not requested them either.

“ Sometimes some businessmen make the mistake of sending the advertising flyer to see if the event is going to hit them or I don’t know with what intention they do it, but it is an incorrect way of doing it because in order to carry out an event you must If you don’t have permits, if not, your event is not going to take place and here we do not have any event, nor papers yet for any event or type of concert, ”said Velarde Narváez.

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However, he considered that there is awareness among businessmen of not carrying out massive concerts; and about the advertising media that they have already used, such as wall paintings, they are irregular.

And given the proximity of the Day of Love and Friendship, he reported that some vendors have already approached to request permission to offer products, so they are looking at where they will be located so that they do not represent competition with organized commerce.


The Mazatlan Post