Hotel reservations remain at 60% for Mazatlan’s Carnival


Members of the private initiative of Mazatlan trust that the authorities make the best decision.

Sin.- Members of the private initiative of Mazatlán trust that the authorities make the best decision regarding the realization or not of the International Carnival of Mazatlán 2022, from February 24 to March 1.

The president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, confirmed that reservations at hotels on Avenida Del Mar remain in Mazatlan at 60%.

We are at reservation levels of 60%. People who already have reservations every day call us to find out if there will be Carnival or not, but in case it is canceled or postponed, facilities will be given by the establishments to make the changes. out of date without any mishap,” he said.

He stated that the sector wants Carnival, however, this will be a decision that the authorities make this Friday and that they must respect if it is canceled or postponed.

“If we all wanted, we would like there to be a Carnival, but there is technical knowledge that we do not have a way to participate in that decision-making, because they are health issues and we trust that the best decision will be made in the sense of what is best for the destination. , always taking care of the health of Mazatlecos and their visitors,” he said.

For his part, the president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa, Miguel Hernández Fonseca, supported the holding of the Carnival on its original date, as long as health protocols are implemented that guarantee the well-being of those attending.

He stressed that the Mazatlán Carnival is one of the most important traditions of the port and its realization would represent the economic reactivation of local businesses.

He considered that it is feasible for the traditional party to be held because the trend of Covid infections in the city is going down.

“We are considering that it should be carried out as long as it is managed with a balance in the economy and health and for this, strict sanitary protocols will have to be implemented,” he concluded.


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