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Sales increase 85% in Mazatlan’s Golden Zone

The president of the Association of Merchants pointed out that there is activity throughout the week with the arrival of flights from Canada and the United States, tourist cruises and national weekend visits.

Mazatlán, Sin.- After the drop in sales due to the resurgence of covid-19 infections, merchants in the Golden Zone begin to notice an improvement in the sales during the month of February.

Julio Silva, president of the Golden Zone Merchants Association, commented that sales fell by as much as 35% at the beginning of the year and as of last weekend they recovered to 85%.

” As a result of the fourth wave of covid, the economic situation in terms of sales declined, from 100% we fell to 35% in Playa Gaviotas avenue. Right now in February we are beginning to see a little more influx of visitors in the area and sales began to pick up, we went to 85% “, he commented.

He added that, practically, there is activity throughout the week; with the arrival of flights from Canada and the United States and tourist cruises during the week, and with the arrival of regional and national tourism on weekends.

“People from Canada come to look for souvenirs, silver, and fine jewelry, they come to relax; people from cruise ships come for the beaches, shopping, and restaurants, national, regional people come for beaches, hotels and fun ” he added.

He mentioned that for all these tastes, Gaviotas Avenue has a wide range of services, it is called “the heart” of the Golden Zone for a reason.

” We are the heart of the Golden Zone, we have certified beaches, we have very nice hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs,” he mentioned.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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