Do you want to leave home? Visit El Habal this weekend and enjoy its gastronomy


The idea is that you arrive, try, walk to the viewpoint and take advantage of this small town that is only 15 kilometers from the port.

MAZATLAN. – El Habal does not want to be left behind and this Sunday it will hold its first Tourist Sunday Market, joining the corridor that goes to La Noria or El Quelite, where they will offer the best of their gastronomy, from ceviches to desserts.  

The trustee of the Habal, José Guadalupe Osuna Martínez, mentioned that this receivership, which is only 15 kilometers from the urban area, has potential for tourism, being one more attraction in the corridor of the rural area of ​​Mazatlán.  

“It has the purpose of increasing the attraction of tourists and visitors from the community and the consumption of typical products of the union, we are excited about the inauguration of this event that we have been working on for a long time, with the hope that it will be a tradition of every weekend,” he said.  

The market will be on the esplanade of the square, what will they sell? Tamales, ceviches, cakes, rice pudding, jamoncillos, and embroidery, are products that the union merchants have worked for years, and that they seek to integrate to increase their economic income.  

The idea is to set up every Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., which in addition to the market, will have traveling shows such as dancing horses, music and every Sunday there are always baseball games.  

“We have baseball games, there is a virgin that we have on a hill that we use and boast as a lookout, horse shows, dances, pony rides for children, as well as restaurants where they can spend the afternoon,” said Osuna Martínez.  

The trustee commented that, despite the size of El Habal, it is a quiet place for the whole family, and if you had planned to go to El Quelite and La Noria, this trusteeship will be waiting for you as part of the route, with places to have breakfast once machaca or often, until you enjoy a carne asada and the best, without going so far from the city.


The Mazatlan Post