CNN responds to AMLO: We oppose attacks against Carmen Aristegui and journalists


President López Obrador accused Carmen Aristegui of favoring the conservative bloc.

CNN positioned itself against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador‘s attacks on journalists, including Carmen Aristegui.

“In a current context of great hostility towards journalists, it is the responsibility of leaders to ensure the health of democracy and freedom of the press,” said the chain of American origin. 

” CNN supports the right of journalists to report and regrets the attacks from the Mexican presidency against Carmen Aristegui and those like her who practice their profession with integrity and professionalism.”

Last week, the federal president attacked Aristegui, whom he called a conservative, as well as Carlos Loret de Mola y Brozo.

The reason was the report published by Latinus and Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity in which the luxuries with which his eldest son, José Ramón López Beltrán, lives in Houston, in the company of his wife Carolyn Adams, are exhibited.

Annoyed, López Obrador accused Aristegui, who spread that report, of cheating with being the “champion of freedom”, since she has favored the conservative bloc for years.

On the other hand, Aristegui responded to the “aggressions” of the federal president saying that “(AMLO) does not seem to realize that, as president of the Republic, he wields enormous power and that his aggressions seek to insult the trajectory, the credibility, the journalistic prestige for a journalist like me.

López Obrador also accused Aristegui of publishing “slanderous reports” and criticizing analysts Denise Dresser and Sergio Aguayo for being against her and being part of the journalist’s team.

“They teach copper. President Lincoln always said that people can be fooled once, twice, but not for a lifetime,” he added while denouncing the racist attitude of Lorenzo Córdova, who mocked indigenous people.

On his morning, López Obrador explained that Brozo and Carlos Loret de Mola also belong to the opposition bloc.

AMLO determined to harm me, Carmen Aristegui responds to allegations in the morning

According to López Obrador in the morning, Carmen Aristegui defended her journalistic work and replied that the head of the executive spoke to her “very aggressively”.

“He doesn’t seem to realize that he wields tremendous power and that his attacks, because they are, and his pronouncements aimed at trajectory, credibility, journalistic prestige, the elements that are fundamental to at least one.” are to insult a journalist like me, well, to be a journalist. At the end of the day we have journalists as our most important asset, well, that; the credibility that the people, the public, and the people kindly follow our programs and our journalistic work because they are related to what we do,” said Aristegui.

She regretted that the President of Mexico “decides to use public resources such as the National Palace and his own time for attacks”.

“I cannot help but view the matter as a direct attack on me by the President of the Republic, and it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the President is saying things that have a single purpose: to damage what matters most to a journalist. , damaging the reputation, damaging the journalistic career, damaging the credibility and that’s an issue that we need to be aware of the importance of,” said Aristegui.

“The President of the Republic uses the political power he has and his mandate to take time and resources to attack in this way (…) It is unfortunate that they want to use the powerful word of the President of the Republic from all sides, destroying the reputation, destroying what is ultimately visible to all,” she affirmed.

“It seems to me that we must end by emphasizing the fact and the importance that, in this particular case, the President of Mexico is determined to harm this journalist in the way he is doing, because there is nothing more serious than saying things, like the ones that the President says, so loudly (…) he even accuses me of cheating people, he even accuses me of absolutely absurd things, and since everyone analyzes who cheats whom and who takes his biography in hand and we’ll see how this whole story ends,” the journalist said.

“It’s not a question of saying ‘don’t talk about journalists’, we are everyone, subject to criticism, subject to scrutiny, everything we do and say is of course under the scrutiny of the people who kindly follow our programs,” she added.

Carmen Aristegui pointed out that the country is going through a “difficult transition” in which the work of journalists in democracies is important, even if it is “hateful, unpleasant or inconvenient”.

“Criticism is a fundamental part of democracies (…) the exercise of power requires critical views and exercises of power that are not sympathetic to power, that is part of the democratic nature (…) Journalists play an important role,” she explained.

The journalist reminded President López Obrador not to count on them for “collaboration” to advance the issue of the revocation of the mandate, and also lamented the attacks on other communicators since the morning.

Aristegui acknowledged Lorenzo Córdova as his commentator because he has one of the “clearest voices in the political analysis of elections in Mexico”.

“But since they want to wage a war against the INE and also want to discredit it, they want there to be a shipwreck in this very important institution because the President has already fled to discredit everyone who stands in front of him and he is a phenomenon that we cannot ignore.

“It’s serious, it’s delicate, that in this process the President is of course against his critics or who he has already dubbed as opposition or conservative bloc,” she said.


Mexico Daily Post