“Abducted in plain sight” the Netflix series about a pedophile arrested in Mazatlan


The FBI caught the pedophile in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, where he arrived looking to marry the 12-year-old girl.

‘Abducted in plain sight’ is a Netflix documentary that tells the story of Jan Broberg, a girl who in the mid-1970s was kidnapped twice by the same man, Robert Berchtold. 

The criminal became friends with the parents when the little girl was 12 years old and slowly grew closer until he gained the trust of the entire family. They were so captivated by Berchtold that not only did they never formally report him, but they also allowed him to kidnap her twice.

The first time, after a horseback ride with Berchtold himself, Jan was drugged and kidnapped by whom the girl considered a second father.

Jan didn’t even realize what was happening. Berchtold hid her in a room and made her believe that the aliens had abducted her because she was a very special girl, half-alien and half-human, like him, and that her goal was to have children with that man.

A month after her disappearance, the FBI found her in Mazatlan, Mexico, and arrested the kidnapper, who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

The tremendous story does not end there. Since obsessed with the little girl, Berchtold kidnapped her again two years later.

After abusing her again, he took her to California, and posing as a CIA agent, tricked some nuns into asylum as a refugee from Lebanon.

Four months later, Jan was rescued for the last time. And after her mother retrieved a 900-page FBI report on the case, they published the book ‘Innocence Stolen The story of Jan Broberg‘, where he tells all the details of the case whose documentary Netflix now incorporates into its catalog

In an interview in the American Vanity Fair, the director threw even more details. For example, Jan was so affected after her brainwashing that it affected her later relationships. However, not in the way, one might imagine, but the other way around. Jan was unable to maintain lasting relationships with other men because she saw no possibility of repeating the love she had felt for her rapist. On the other hand, she was able to develop a successful career as an actress, which led her to star in the series Everwood and appear in numerous projects, up to fifty, according to IMDB. 

As expected in these times, the first screenings of the documentary on Netflix (it is from 2017, but it has gained celebrity when it has appeared on the platform) have served for hundreds of tweeters to insult Jan’s parents for having slept with the rapist from her daughter. Jan herself had to come out to defend them and asked on E! that the public was able to put themselves in her shoes, that all of them were manipulated by a criminal mind. 

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