Tourists pass through puddles of sewage in Mazatlan’s Golden Zone


For four days a sewer, located on the corner of Gaviotas and Boca del Mar avenues, has overflowed with wastewater; this area is highly touristic, surrounded by lodging centers and shops.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Bad odors and puddles of sewage, is the image offered by the remodeled Gaviotas Avenue, in the Golden Zone, with overflowing sewers.

Taxi drivers from the site said that the drainage has already been sprouting for four days and during the day it is an unbearable pestilence.

” It’s been four days, the people from Jumapam came, they threw a sack of white powder on it and, until now, they haven’t solved anything,” they said.

The sewer is located on the corner of Boca del Mar street, a highly touristic area, surrounded by lodging centers and shops, also heavily traveled by public transport.

” Take photos of it, it smells very ugly, it gives a bad image to tourism, you have to cross the street between the sewage, ” commented a promoter of tourist services.

Just in June of last year, Gaviotas Avenue underwent a remodeling project with an investment of 71,327 million pesos; including replacement of the hydro-sanitary pipe, paving, lighting, and urban equipment.

To date, the work has not been formally inaugurated.


The Mazatlan Post