Mazatlan public services ask to report who takes out garbage outside established hours


Waste collection improvement program starts at Infonavit Alarcón

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The direction of Public Services called on citizens to denounce with evidence the people who persist in taking out their garbage after hours and who also leave it on the medians.

The director of Public Services, Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga, reported that the garbage collection improvement program has already started at Informavit Alarcón, where the daily service will no longer be provided and will only be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

He said that in this subdivision they will stop providing the service every day and they will be providing care as it should be, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in order to put an order in the collection.

“ We serve the Jabalíes daily, there are certain points that are served daily as well, we are going to be in the dynamic as it should be, I don’t remember if it is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there, but we are going to enter the dynamic every third day and whoever leaves their garbage outside on those days, certain measures will be taken, as a first step it will be the evidence, which is very important, ”explained the municipal official.

Morales Lizárraga called on citizens to denounce people who do not respect the collection days and put garbage in the wrong places, already in some places they are doing it to correct these bad practices, especially because they place the garbage in the medians.

” The truth is that we are avoiding at all costs that this type of practice affects the city and also the environment of the place so that these practices are not carried out ,” said the director of Public Services.


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