Sinaloa’s Casa Valentina for children with cancer needs you


If you have pet, caps, and books you can take them to Plaza Acaya and join the campaign they bring to support more and more boys and girls with this disease.

MAZATLAN. – What characterizes Sinaloans? Solidarity, and if you have the opportunity, join the campaign brought by the Private Assistance Institution, Casa Valentina for children with cancer to support all the children who benefit from it.  

This is the campaign “Tapatón, Librotón and Pettón Let’s Support with Love”, which consists, as its name indicates, in the collection of plastic covers, books, notebooks, notebooks, review and even PET bottles, waiting to reach the goal of 10 tons.  


This activity will take place on February 15 at the facilities of the Plaza Acaya shopping center, as part of the activities of the International Day of Children with Cancer, a date stipulated by the International Organization for Childhood Cancer, proclaimed since 2002.  

What is Casa Valentina? 

Casa Valentina originated in the month of August 2007 in Culiacán, two months after little Valentina left. Figures from the World Health Organization reveal that, for every one hundred thousand children, fourteen new cases of cancer are detected each year, regardless of age. 
Given the need of dozens of families who come from other states and municipalities to the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa, Casa Valentina offers them a place where the child can live together with his mother for as long as necessary.  

According to the description of Casa Valentina, of 180 children with cancer who are treated at the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital, 80 are supported by Casa Valentina. The guests are usually on the move because if the appointments or chemotherapies are on different days, the families that can, usually stay only for 3 days a week or years and then return, there are not always little ones who have to stay for more days, but when families may be moving to their place of origin they can do so. 

Casa Valentina is at Ignacio Ramos Praslow street, number 1920, in the Libertad neighborhood, in the state capital. Their telephone numbers are (667) 713-1101 and (667) 233-1367.  

The Pan American Health Organization, together with the International Organization for Childhood Cancer, determined February 15 as the International Day of Children with Cancer in Luxembourg. Its objective is to raise awareness and sensitize people about a disease that unfortunately affects many children and young people. 

Cancer is estimated to have been the cause of death for 8,544 children under the age of 15 in 2020; of them, 7 thousand 76 in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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