Sinaloa toll road concessionaires or the government must rebuild or remodel roads that are in poor condition


The proposal to eliminate the toll booths is an issue that should be reviewed and seen according to the contracts, Miguel Hernández Fonseca considered.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- More than promoting in the first instance the elimination of the toll booths on the federal highways of Mexico, it is in charge that the concessionaires and the Government itself maintain the roads in good condition, which in many sections are impassable and a risk of registering car accidents, said Miguel Hernández Fonseca.

The president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa recognized the good intentions of the federal legislator Leobardo Alcántara, but before doing so, it will be necessary to review each of the concession contracts that are held in highway sections, and not commit arbitrariness that could cause problems to the coffers of the Government.

“Some revision of the issue of quotas had to be done, but I insist on it a lot, and we do agree with the opinion of the deputy. The roads are in very poor condition, and we urgently need the concessionaire or the Government to reconstruct or remodel them so that they are in the state that citizens or merchants use these roads, those types of roads, for example, I will tell you about the road México 15, which is the Libre, where the merchandise where it normally traveled calmly, changed its use, due to the issue of the broken bridge of the Quelite River”.

The leader of the Fecanaco in Sinaloa recognized that there are highways with very high toll costs, but sometimes due to their particular conditions and location, such as some located in Oaxaca, or in Guerrero, the same happens in the neighboring state as it is Durango, on the highway, but a reality with immediate attention is that they are kept in good condition.


The Mazatlan Post