Now that the Gabriel Leyva is finished, they will continue with the Emilio Barragán and the Santa Rosa


The Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, listed all the works that have been carried out in approximately 100 days of the current administration throughout the state, in addition to the completion of works that were left unfinished by the previous government.

MAZATLAN. – A new road remodeling is coming to Mazatlán, it is Emilio Barragán avenue, which was already announced by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, and which will be with a shared resource between the state and municipal authorities, since its change between the Gabriel Leyva, to the lighthouse.  

The governor mentioned that this avenue is one of the most important for the transit of heavy cargo in the Comprehensive Port Administration, coupled with the connectivity it has with the Gabriel Leyva, that is why, since last Saturday, on his tour of Mazatlan, promised to “enter” the project.  

“We made the commitment of two streets, we are going to do them jointly, the continuation of Emilio Barragán and Sana Rosa avenue, Emilio Barragán is an important work, it goes to the seashore and leads to the lighthouse, that we are already with the Chemist,” he declared.  

According to the list of works package for Mazatlan, this avenue is scheduled to be carried out between March and December of this year, with an approximate investment of 67,201,737 pesos, this resource in agreement with the state government. 

And the Santa Rosa?

In the case of Santa Rosa Avenue, which will also be carried out jointly with the state, the municipal authorities will invest around 77 million pesos, which in a first stage will be worked from Libramiento III to Luis Donaldo Colosio Avenue. Its remodeling will be comprehensive, even with the introduction of drinking water and sewage pipes.  

Among the works that the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, listed as completed are the regulation tank in the Aguaje de Costilla community, as well as the El Habal-El Vainillo circuit, as well as the remodeling of the roads to Quelite , La Noria, Los Limones, Mármol and others.  

“The modernization of Gabriel Leyva street is completely finished, also Ezequiel Martínez street, the sanitary drainage of the Bugambilias neighborhood, the remodeling of the State Government offices, the first stage is completely finished,” he said.  

As for the second stage of the new government offices, the state official indicated that they had plenty of resources and with this they will enable three more offices, in addition, that the roundabout, Rodolfo T. Loaiza, which is at 98 percent, will be completed. cent of progress and that you need some benches.  

Zavala Cabanillas added that throughout the state works have been completed ranging from paving and rehabilitation of roads, both in urban and rural areas among the 18 municipalities, in addition to remodeling markets such as Guamúchil and Angostura; drainage and drinking water systems, among others.  


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